Reports from the South Side

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Why an "SSA"?

As one who's been participating in this endeavor, let me try to explain why I think the proposal for a Special Service Area is important. The Special Service Area (SSA) will be managed by a board of commissioners recommended by the aldermen (both 4th and 5th) and appointed by the mayor. James Hanson, Mesa Development; Michael McGarry, Hyde Park Bank; Mary J. Rogel, East Point Associates; Tony Fox, Harper Theater; Gregory Guttman, Hyde Park Chamber of Commerce and director of marketing at MAC Property; James Hennessy, vice president for commercial real estate at the University of Chicago; Allison Hartman, attorney and president of the DARE Foundation; Jackie Jackson, Kilwin's; Charles Newsome, Kimbark Plaza Cooperative Association; George Rumsey, Computer Resource Center; and Donna Trainor, UPS Store owner, were all named members of Special Service Area Number 61, the Hyde Park Commission, by the City of Chicago Finance Committee last Monday, Jan. 13. Read more by Lindsay Welbers, HP Herald.

Frank Lloyd Wright in Kenwood

The Hyde Park-Kenwood Community Conference sponsored an informational forum on the Frank Lloyd Wright homes in South Kenwood in December, 2013. See for details of the houses, and show your support at for more information.


Improving Our Community

What You Can Do

Support your neighborhood, get involved. Shop local, whenever possible. Go to meetings. Speak up, speak out, play a role. Change begins at the ground, with community input.

Key Issues

Basic services. Sensible development. Health care. Crime and safety. Jobs. Affordable and accessible housing. Stronger schools and richer libraries. Transportation. Greening the South Side.

Hyde Park-Kenwood Residents

George talks Uof C and "preservation."
Maroon Gray City Looks at HP Development:
The University, its real estate, and Hyde Park retail

Affordable Rental Housing in HP-K

The Coalition for Equitable Community Development unveils a detailed study of rental housing in Hyde Park and South Kenwood.
Read the executive summary.
Read the full report.

55th Street Accessibility

On Saturday, June 16, 2012, the Hyde Park Disabibilities Task Force sponsored a "Walk and Roll" down 55th Street, identifying issues of accessibility and safety. Read the full disabilities report.